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There is hope for the world on the solar energy front. Imagine a home run on electricity that is get ting generated by solar panels during the day and draws from solar energy stored in a fuel cell by night. The windows in an office building collect sun light and convert it into half of the electricity the building needs. Commenting on the new technology, R Baskaran, Managing Partner, Eminent Devices & Technologies, said, "The greatest benefit of solar lighting is that it is 'green' and environment friendly. It uses a form of energy that is renewable from a source (the sun) that is virtually inexhaustible." "Eminent Devices & Technologies offers Erralient LED Lighting Systems (solar powered /AC powered/DC powered versions) for homes, offices and Industries. LED lighting is the latest innovation in lighting technology, currently very popular in India owing to amazing brightness, longer life and substantial and quantifiable power savings If used as a replacement to existing conventional lighting." he noted. He also said, "The solar/grid powered inverters for homes, offices and industries form 250 VA up to 10 KVA and LED lighting systems for streets, homes, gar dens and other areas of applications which are all tailor made for the customer requirements." Recently, his company had launched three eco friendly and user friendly elegant models of inverters Delite (grid charged UPS conventional), Green Delite (UPS model with manual settings and an option to operate from solar power (or) grid) and Ever Green Delite (UPS model based on fully automatic version with embedded programmed IC which will get powered only from solar most of the time and switchover itself to grid power mode). Another innovative product of Eminent Devices & Technologies Solar Electric Module is likely to be launched soon. It is a simple wall mountable in door unit aesthetically designed with LED study light option. This unit along with the PV solar panels (to be mounted outdoor on sun light on roof top) will help one to tap the power of solar to 100 percent. With this Solar Electric Module, the investment cost is going to be very nominal since there is no need for a new inverter and one can manage with the existing one to tap natural solar electric power.


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